Good Doggy Treats - Bulk 1lb Bag

Good Doggy Treats

*Free Shipping* on our ONE POUND Bag of the Best Grain-Free Dog Treats in America!

  • 100% Grade A Chicken Breast
  • All Natural Dog Treats
  • Safe for All Size Dogs
  • Excellent for Training Your Dog
  • Low Fat
  • High Protein
  • No Grains Period
  • Perfect for All Ages and Breeds

chicken dog treats

Our Story:

Good Doggy Treats was founded by two health-conscious dog lovers, Janette and Tony Buonaiuto.  Their puppy Kokonutz was a picky eater, and they didn't want to feed her the highly processed, chemical-laden treats found on the market.  They started making their own grain free treats and Kokonutz loved them.  Soon everyone wanted them and Good Doggy Treats was born.