7 Human Foods Good for Dogs

We usually give our dogs different foods from what we eat. This is because they metabolize food differently from how we do it. Therefore, some human foods can be toxic to them. However, do not be afraid to share some of your food with your dog because some human foods are beneficial to them. Here are seven human foods that you can give your dog.


This might have caught you by surprise, but your dog could also do with that delicious fish you like so much. The fish needs to be fully cooked. Examples of fish that dogs can eat are sardines and salmon. Fish is beneficial to dogs because it is full of healthy fats, amino acids, and protein. Your dog will like fish so much because it is tasty. However, be careful not to give him too much of it. Some types of fish have too much salt, and canned sardines is one of them.


This is one food that your dog will love. There are several ways in which you can feed your dog chicken. You can give your dog cooked chicken meat. He or she can take it as a meal or as a snack. You can even add the chicken meat to his regular food. Your dog will benefit from the additional protein. It is important to note that you shouldn’t give your dog the cooked bones. If you want him to feed on chicken bones, then you have to provide him with the raw bones. Once you cook the chicken, they can only take the meat. Raw chicken bones are soft and comfortable to chew. The cooked ones have splinter which your dog can choke on. The only ingredient in our grain-free dog treats is Grade A chicken. You can buy them here.

Peanut Butter

Have you ever fed your dog peanut butter or have you ever seen a dog being fed peanut butter? Dogs usually wag their tails when they look at peanut butter because they love it and can’t wait to eat it. Peanut butter has a great taste, and plenty of healthy fats, niacin, protein, and vitamins (B and E). If you want your dog to be occupied for hours then you can put some peanut butter into a Kong and give it to him. The best type of peanut butter is the raw, unsalted ones. The peanut you choose should not have artificial sweeteners because some of them are toxic to dogs and an excellent example is a xylitol. Therefore, check the label because some of them might be written sugar-free but have these alternative sugars. 


Cheese is another food that many dogs love. When buying cheese for your dog, make sure you get the low-fat ones. These will help your dog to be healthy. Cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese are examples of the ones you can get. You should give your dog small quantities of cheese. Cheese can contain a lot of fat and sodium, and that is why it is not advisable to provide a dog lots of it and frequently. You can add the cheese to your dog’s food or give it to him as a treat. Some dogs have been known to be intolerant to lactose. Therefore, you should monitor your dog when you start giving him cheese to see if he reacts badly to it.


If you are looking for something that you can give your dog to snack on then carrots is an excellent choice. You can give him raw carrots, or you can cook the carrots. There are no restrictions. Carrots are great for dogs because they provide them with lots of minerals, fiber, and vitamins and yet they have few calories. This is an example of healthy food. Dogs like to eat whole foods, and so they may attempt to eat whole carrots which may choke them. That is why you need to cut the carrots into sizes that your dog can chew. Chewing carrots will also strengthen your dog teeth. The low calorie in carrots makes it perfect for a dog that is struggling with weight.


Eggs have a lot of health benefits. They contain nearly all types of vitamin and mineral and are full of protein. Your dog will get riboflavin, selenium, and biotin from eggs. Not only are eggs nutritious but they are safe for dogs to consume. The dogs can eat raw or cooked eggs. If you decide to cook the egg, avoid putting salt, pepper. It should not have any seasoning. You can include the shell too when giving your dog raw eggs. You should know that there is a possibility of your dog getting sick because of the presence of Salmonella in raw eggs. Some people say that eggs help to reduce nausea in their dogs. However, this claim is not backed by scientific evidence but if it works for your dog, then that’s good. The next time you prepare a scrambled egg, give some of it to your dog provided it doesn’t have any seasoning.


Your dig can feed on apples because they are both tasty and healthy. Fruits and vegetables are good for a dog's dental health too. Apple helps to improve your dog’s oral health because it cleans off the residue that is in their teeth. It also gives them fresh breath. This fruit has plenty of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and fiber. Ensure to cut the apple into slices before giving it to your dog. You should also remove its seeds and core to prevent your dog from choking. The apple seeds also have cyanide which is not suitable for dogs. You do not have to remove the skin. An apple is a great treat that you can give your dog. Your dog will love its crunchiness.

There you have it. You can make these foods for yourself and your dog, and you’ll have a great time eating and bonding. Once you know how you are supposed to administer the various foods (for example, by only giving your dog cooked chicken and not cooked bones) then you are good to go. Your dog will love the delicious taste of human food and get the nutrients they provide.