9 Exercise Ideas for a Happier, Healthier Dog

Your dog needs exercise, plain and simple. Exercise helps a dog to be physically fit and mentally healthy. And just like a dog's diet, exercise helps a dog be happy too!

He will have a healthy weight and heart to go with it. You will notice your dog engaging in less destructive behavior when he has enough exercise. The exercise should be done on a regular basis to achieve these benefits. Dogs of different breeds, age, and health, may have different types of exercises.

However, there are general exercise ideas that you can use to make your dog happier and healthier. If you are worried that your dog is putting on too much weight, feed him or her our grain-free dog treats as a healthy alternative and then you can use these tips also.

Laser Pointer

Dogs generally love running after objects. That is why they will enjoy chasing the laser pointer. You won’t have to struggle much with your dog on this because he will be entertained and will want to go on playing. This is a great way to keep your dog busy, show him a good time and help him maintain a healthy weight. As great as this exercise is, don’t let your dog get obsessed with it because they may start acting out if you don’t indulge them.

Training your dog to run with you

If you have seen people running around the neighborhoods with their dogs, then you can agree that it’s a pretty sight. This is something you can try. Your dog will love your company and will try to keep up with you, therefore, exercising in the process. This is a fun way of getting your dog to exercise. You two will be bonding during this time. You will also benefit from running with your dog because it will help to keep you in shape.

Playing Fetch

This is one of the games that dogs love playing with their owners. It involves throwing something and letting your dog catch it. There are lots of objects you can use for this game and examples include a stick, rope or ball. Some people take their dogs into the snow, and they play snowball fetch. You and your dog will love this game, it is a form of exercise for your dog, and it will come in handy when you are training him to do different things.

Games involving hiding something and letting the dog find it

You can hide a toy that your dog likes or show them a treat and then hide it. Your dog will try their best to locate the hidden object because they want it. In the process, your dog will be engaging in workouts as they run around trying to find the object. This exercise works well if your dog already knows how to fetch. If he doesn’t then, you can teach him first, and then he’ll be glad to fetch. Also, you should let them see or get near the treat or toy before you hide it. This will motivate him to search for it.

Letting your dog spend time with other dogs

One way of getting your dog to exercise without stress is by allowing him or her to be surrounded by other dogs. You can do this by taking your dog to the park. Your dog will naturally be excited to be surrounded by his, and all the dogs may start running around and playing, and this will be a form of work out. This exercise is excellent for your dog especially if he or she loves the company of other dogs. You can also link up with your friends or neighbors who have dogs and bring your dogs together for some fun. 

Hide and Seek

Some of the rules of hiding something and letting your dog find it apply in the hide and seek exercise. The difference is that your dog will be hunting for you instead of toys or treats. You need to train your dog to look for you because you can effectively play this game. This is an excellent exercise because it will teach your dog to use his sense of smell. He will have to smell where you are to find you. Your dog will be able to sense your arrival once they get used to this exercise.

Playing Chase

Dogs love everything to do with chasing. Therefore, you will get your dog to chase and have him exercise in the process. Get a sturdy rope and tie a treat or your dogs’ toy on one end of it. Attach the remaining side to a stick or PVC pipe. Make sure to use a plastic pipe. Hold the end that has the stick or rope and use it to drag the treat or toy around. Your dog will start chasing it, and you can move with it or twirl it in the air to make your dog chase some more. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made one. They are known as DogFisher.

Round-Robin Recalls

Round-Robin Recalls is a type of game you and your family can play with your dog. It is fun, and it will teach your dog to be obedient. The entire family can gather in the living room and then call the dog in turns. When someone calls the dog, and the dog goes to him, the entire family claps and praises the dog. Doing this will motivate him to obey more. When the dog has mastered the exercise, you can take that game outside. You can gather in the yard and continue with the game. The dog will benefit from all the running around.

Enroll your dog in a training class

Have you ever thought of enrolling your dog in a training class? A training class can be an excellent way to exercise. The kind of training they engage in helps to improve their mental activity. It will also be a chance to bond with your dog. You can get in touch with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) who can guide you through the classes. You can choose private classes where it will just be you and your dog, or you can opt for the group classes where you interact with other dog owners and their dogs. At the end of the training, your dog will have exercised, and he will be able to tell what you expect from him.