How to Determine the Best Dog Treats



The flavors dogs like can vary because each pup has their own particular taste. Sometimes the protein may range from different live stocks to vegetables, but what is most important about finding the best dog treat is that is exactly what the name implies—it has to be a treat.

The best dog treats with great ingredients that are tasty may not be the easiest to find. The amount of selections on the market may cause even more confusion.

Finding the best dog treats may come down to taste sometimes, but as an owner you can take control to select not only treats your dog will enjoy, but particular kinds that are also healthy.

A reward should connect an owner to their pet and not cause problems that come along with unhealthy treats.

Dental or Health Benefits

Your pet’s health is important and choosing the best dog treats may lead to a fit dog. After considering a treat’s calorie content, always view the ingredients. When ingredients are listed on a package, they are done so in the order of quantity. The first on the list will be what the product is mostly made of.

You should, of course, only buy treats specified and formulated for dogs so it does not disrupt their internal workings.

Treats high in fat content are not ideal. Choosing a treat that is all-natural may have benefits since they do not contain hormones and flavor additives. If there are sugars in dog treats, this can be connected to the deterioration of the outer layers of their teeth and cause other dental problems.

When worried about your dog’s health in relation to their treat intake, always ask a veterinarian about the correct types of treats that will enrich your pet’s life.

Organic Dog Treats

Some people looking for the best dog treats may lean toward treats that are marked as organic. When treats are marked as organic this means they follow particular guidelines to register as so.

There are no chemicals and additives in the best dog treats, and they usually use all-natural ingredients with fair-farming practices. Livestock used for organic pet treats cannot be given antibiotics that may pass to your dog adversely.

If they are organic meat treats, they must come from free-range livestock and be processed to certain criteria. If these treats are of the biscuit variety their ingredients are more focused on being ‘whole’ foods. This means that they are comprised of minimally processed ingredients (that is, you’ll actually know what the ingredient list means!).

There is no going wrong with choosing treats that are organic for your pet.

Biscuit Treats

A baked dog treat can easily be produced at home or even bought from a store for reasonable prices. Wheat-free treats are the most viable option because wheat and even corn are probable allergens for dogs.

When cooking at home you can look up recipes for biscuit style treats, or you can incorporate well-known dog-friendly replacements, such as pumpkin, for baking.

The availability of biscuit treats can be taken advantage of at some grocery or pet stores. Many of these are local businesses that bake their own recipes to provide sweet baked goods that are safe and enjoyable to pets.

However, it can often be hard to find the best dog treats in the widest variety at a brick-and-mortar store, so you may want to browse our selection of Good Doggy Treats available for order online.

Meat Treats

Meat treats can quickly become a dog’s favorite. To mold this to the owner’s favor you can purchase meat treats for your dog to limit the amount of table food your dog receives.

Since they taste great, replacing this from a nip from the table may lead your dog to look forward to the treats as if they were coming straight from your plate. There is a large selection of all-natural meat treats for dogs and they are just as tasty as their over-processed alternatives (if not tastier!).

The positives of them being organic can be seen in the ways they are handled and safely processed with the customer in mind.

It can be easy to resort to feeding your dog meat that has been cooked for yourself. In addition to the danger of many spices we humans normally use, dogs can experience severe problems if meat is not cooked to certain guidelines.

Best Natural Dog Treats

Every dog gets human food now and then, whether it is given to them on purpose or not. A lot of the things we eat are healthy to our pets as well. Sometimes the best dog treats can be found in your produce drawer.

The main concept is simply what is safe and what foods need avoided. Many dogs love fruits and vegetables. Treats such as carrots, broccoli, blueberries or strawberries are a safe healthy alternative to share. Even if they are healthy for your dog to sample, all foods should be given in moderation.

Just be sure to stay away from pre-seasoned snacks or treats that may be poisonous. These include foods such as grapes, avocado, garlic or onions. It is often best practice to do a quick internet search before giving your dog a new food for the first time.

Count Your Pup’s Calories

Obesity in dogs often creates a serious health issue for them as their lives move forward. This can be directly combated if owners take the time to examine their pet’s diet. Unfortunately one of the biggest contributors to overweight pets can be the treats that over excited owners reward them with.

Even though the big-name brand treats may say they are healthy, in actuality, they are often filled with more grains, sugars, and fats than nutrients.

Pet owners often use the best dog treats when they want to positively reinforce a new trick or just show their love and affection. But be cautious, there are no treats that are an adequate substitute for a balanced meal.

That means, no matter how good your little fuzz ball has been today, do not overindulge them on treats. This is why you find many packages labeled ‘training treats’ are filled with very small treats so they can be given repeatedly.

Choose Only the Best Dog Treats for Your Furry Friend

With the endless options at markets and internet shopping, it may be hard to pinpoint the good treats from the bad. Determining the best dog treats can be done when you know some basic tactics and information.

It is possible to find a dog snack that is a healthy addition to your dog’s diet, but has enough flavor to have your pet asking for more. Just take a look at what we offer to find a healthy way to reward your pooch with a tasty snack.