Dogs are carnivores. That means, they are mostly meat eaters. Compared to plant eating animals, dogs have very little of the enzyme called Amylase, which helps break down starchy carbohydrates.

Dogs are not capable of fully digesting grains such as wheat, corn and barley. Many nutritionists think that dogs should eat a diet that contains 60% meat and 40% plant matter, excluding grains.

That is why many dog owners are now feeding their furry friends a more natural diet that is close to what they would eat in the wilderness. Grain free dog treats have a host of health benefits. In this post, we are going to focus on those benefits.


Dogs can not fully digest grains. Grain free dog treats have more protein than carbohydrate, which is good for the digestive tract of dogs. Because of biological reasons, dogs find it difficult to break down starchy carbohydrates.

If you find that your dog has digestive problems, it is a good idea to give your furry friend foods containing mostly protein. These foods are made up of ingredients that contain a lot of protein.

These treats are good for your dog’s gut health because they are formulated with not only dietary fiber but also probiotics. They can help by improving the beneficial microflora in your dog’s digestive system.

Grain Free Dog Treats Are Nutritious

If you go for dog treats containing grains, there is no doubt that you will find them cheap, but you will have to compromise the nutritional value of the dog treats you are purchasing. Grain free dog treats, on the other hand, contain high amount of protein and fiber that make the food balanced in nutrition. Remember, your dog’s ideal food is meat, not grains. This is why Good Doggy Treats are made 100% from Grade A chicken breast.

They contain high-quality protein like bison, venison, duck and chicken. Because these treats are free from wheat, corn and soy, they support a balanced lifestyle of your furry friend. Just make sure that the foods you offer to your dog are nutritious and your dog will be more agile and active.

Good For Your Dog’s Coat

Dietary deficiencies often cause skin ailments. Grain free dog treats contain vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that boost the immune system and as a result your dog has a healthy coat.

For healthy skin and hair coat, it is important to give your dog foods that maintain a good ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These acids make your dog’s coat shiny. Although nutritional deficiencies are often not the cause of dull coats, they can indirectly cause it. These foods contain enough nutrients to maintain a shiny coat by preventing many diseases.

Dog treats without grains have the necessary ingredients that support healthy skin and a shiny coat. Very often these treats contain chicken and sunflower oil—two great sources of Omega 3 fatty acid.

If you notice that your dog’s coat is not healthy and shiny enough, grain free dog treats can be the best solution. A high amount of protein also leads to a healthy, stronger and thicker coat.

More Energy

Your dog’s energy levels will be greatly benefited from grain free dog treats. Treats made from grains lack a very important ingredient—protein. It is protein which makes your dog energetic and agile. Grain free dog treats make your dog so energetic that it will seem to be a different dog.

Grain free food is recommended for all dogs, but especially if your dog is pregnant or lactating, you must choose only grain free treats. They provide nutrients your dog needs during pregnancy.

Just like humans, dogs can not only rely on carbohydrates. But dogs are carnivores and they need mainly protein. Protein makes your dog naturally strong and energetic.

Protein is an essential micronutrient which is made up of amino acids. Protein also keeps your dog feeling full for a long time. The result is higher energy levels. Carbohydrates on the other hand, cause a spike in blood sugar, which is not a good thing. Grain free dog treats amp up your dog’s protein intake, making him sharper and more energetic.

Weight Maintenance

For humans, a high-protein low-carb diet is not abdominally healthy. For dogs, it is just the opposite. Dogs have a digestive system that finds it easier to digest proteins.

That is why grain free dog treats can help maintain healthy weight of your dog while keeping him healthy. These treats can help your dog lose weight by burning stored fat and maintaining muscle mass.

Consuming carbohydrates can result in weight gain. So it is wise to refrain from feeding you dog treats that are made up of carbs. Dogs, like other animals, burn more fat when they have more muscle mass.

More calories are burnt by muscle cells than fat cells. Grain free dog treats contain only good carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes. They contain meat and vegetable which are effective for weight loss.

Fresh Breath

Poor nutrition is one of the causes of bad breath. There are effective cures out there that really work, but the most effective cure is diet. Foods high in carbohydrates often lead to this problem. It can be caused by carbohydrate digestion or a short chain of fatty acids. Whatever the cause is, changing diet often works wonders.  

Bad breath can also indicate a serious underlying health issue. If there are odor-producing bacteria in your dog’s mouth, gut and lungs, you should be concerned. If this issue is persistent, there may be something wrong in your dog’s kidneys, liver or gastrointestinal tract. In such a case, bad breath should be taken seriously.

But in most cases, the obvious solution is just a change in diet. If your dog’s breath is not normal, giving him grain free treats is a good idea. These treats not only freshen your dog’s breath but can also remove plaque.

Prevention of Allergies

If your dog is over-exposed to certain foods, he may develop allergic reactions. Once the ingredients begin to cause the immune system to react in a negative way, your dog may develop other allergies.

Common symptoms of these reactions are itchiness, skin irritation, digestive issues and ear infections. You may be recommended by your veterinarian to keep those allergens away from your dog.

It is important to identify the allergens. In many cases, carbohydrates cause this problem, simply because dogs have a digestive system that is not capable of fully digesting carbs. They naturally tend to like meat and fish.  

When you find that your dog has developed allergic reactions to starchy carbohydrates, give him grain free treats. These treats include meat and fish, and healthy carbohydrates which are in fact good for your dog’s digestive system. They are less likely to cause allergies.

We carry plenty of healthy treats to encourage a happy, healthy pup. If you are serious about promoting healthy weight, good breath, proper digestion, and more, check out our full range of grain free dog treats today.