Raising a puppy requires some knowledge and patience. A puppy adds joy to your life, and it can be an exciting experience to raise one, but you must know what to feed your puppy, how much exercise is needed, and how often you should vaccinate him or her.

Apart from finding the best healthy puppy treats, you should consider some other important things. A host of factors contribute to the health and welfare of a puppy, and an owner must take those things seriously. Here are a few things to consider when you are raising a puppy.


Vaccines can save your puppy from many deadly diseases, but it is also good to know that sometimes vaccines can cause complications. In some cases, vaccines can cause deadly diseases such as cancer. You need to think carefully about vaccines.

Yes, vaccines work. They enable your puppy’s immune system to recognize some diseases and then help the body build resistance. But keep in mind that dogs have a natural immunity that works just fine without any vaccine. Many dog owners do not know the fact that vaccines in fact suppress a puppy’s immune system for 3 to 4 months afterward and that makes the puppy more susceptible to a host of diseases.

That is why you should be careful even when you choose a minimal vaccine schedule. When you take your puppy to the vet, request for the first appointment of the day to make sure that the place is clean. When the doctor has already seen a few dogs the germs are likely to be in the air.

If you have vaccinated your puppy, do not do another vaccine before getting him tested. It is important to titer test because the next vaccine may be unnecessary, even dangerous.

There are some good tests for testing the immunity of your puppy. One is TiterCHEK which checks parvovirus and distemper. VacciCheck is another good check for testing immunity. It works by testing distemper, parvovirus and adenovirus.

Remember, unnecessary vaccines may cause harm to the immune system of your puppy. A strong immune system is as important as healthy puppy treats for the health of your furry friend.

Besides offering the best healthy puppy treats, it is a good idea to give your puppy a supplement that can combat the harmful effects of vaccination.

Feed Your Dog Only the Best Healthy Puppy Treats

To some extent, your dog’s diet should be determined by factors such as what he likes, how much he weighs, and how active he is.

For many reasons, you should consider grain-free treats for your puppy. The most obvious reason is that grain free treats resemble the food dogs eat in the wild. Unlike humans, dogs do not like carbohydrates. They have evolved eating a protein-rich diet. This diet is good for their overall health.

For a better immune system and improved digestive health, you should offer grain free treats to your puppy. Dogs can not properly digest grains. If your dog depends on only organic treats, he will not develop problems like diarrhea, gas and vomiting.

Grain-free treats are also good for your puppy’s skin, and they help him maintain a healthy weight. Organic treats also help heal skin irritation. By helping your puppy maintain a healthy weight, organic treats even eliminate health issues like arthritis. Organic treats also give your puppy good breath and a better coat.

Be sure to check out our own line of puppy treats, some of the best healthy puppy treats you can find on the market.

Use Natural Dewormers

Intestinal parasites are not always bad for puppies. You should worry only when your puppy gets an infestation. However, chemical dewormers such as pyrante, fenbendazole and praziquantel have side effects that may lead to many health complications.

If you use properly, natural dewormers are not less effective than chemical ones. Consider natural dewormers such as fennel, grated carrot, and watercress. To treat tapeworms, you can also use dried coconut. What you have to do is to just sprinkle one tablespoon per day on your puppy’s regular food.

To make sure that your puppy’s gastrointestinal system is balanced, you can give him a pinch of authentic sea salt every day. Apple cider vinegar is also known to kill parasites.

Do Not Use Chemical Meds to Treat Fleas

You should avoid using them simply because they are pesticides and they work by destroying the nervous system of the pests. But your puppy’s nervous system is also damaged at the same time. Avoid using them unless your dog is really infested and is in a critical condition.

There are natural remedies to treat fleas that work just fine. There are many websites that offer recipes for making natural remedies for fleas. Essential oils can do wonders. They are made from lemon, peppermint, lavender, or eucalyptus. Healthy puppy treats boost your puppy’s immune system, making it less vulnerable to fleas.

When fleas attack your puppy, consider bathing him with citrus Castile soap. But do not use it more than once a week. After bathing, rinse your dog with water mixed with vinegar.

Do not forget to comb your puppy regularly. Fleas can not easily attack if cleanliness is maintained. Wash your puppy’s beddings in hot water at least once in a week. Wash your beddings regularly if your puppy sleeps with you. Clean your carpets and floors regularly.


Exercise is so important for dogs, and it can very often make the difference between a perfectly behaved puppy, and one that destroys every possession you have. When it comes to the type of exercise that is safe for them, puppies have special needs and restrictions relative to older dogs.

Exercise is the best way to prevent and resolve unwanted and destructive behaviour. Exercise is an outlet of their energy. But it is important to make sure that you are conservative when it comes to the exercise of a pup. Otherwise, you will risk injuring him.

A general rule of thumb is 5 minutes of exercise at a time up to two times per day for every one month of age. So, if your puppy is two months old, he can exercise for 10 minutes at a time up to twice a day. And if your puppy is 6 months old, he could exercise for up to 30 minutes at a time, two times per day.

The best and safest type of play with young dogs is self-directed play.

Puppies are naturally energetic, and they run around a lot. That is why you should make sure that your puppy’s physical activities are regulated. Too much exercise may lead to some problems.

Besides the best healthy puppy treats, regular exercise is an important factor that determines your puppy’s overall health. If you take your puppy out a couple of times a day for a short time, that is good. It is even better if you allow him to have fun on his own.

Even though you should not take long, sustained walks with your puppy, taking them out for walks and letting them explore their own pace is a really fantastic idea.

Do not force him to walk if he wants to sit down. If he looks tired, allow him to rest.

Show compassion to your puppy. Keep in mind that your puppy is completely dependent on you. Your care and attention can help him live a long life.