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The Best Grain Free Dog Treats in the USA

100% ALL Natural Dog Treats

  • Zero Chemicals
  • No Additives
  • No Grains
  • Low Fat
  • High Protein
  • Easily Digestable

Our Treats are perfect for any size dog and easy to break apart for the smallest puppies.

Why Choose Our Healthy Dog Treats?

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100% Grain Free Dog Treats

Good Doggy Treats was founded by two health conscious dog lovers, Janette & Tony Buonaiuto. Their puppy Coco never cared for the expensive organic dog treats in the pet store. Niether Tony or Janette would ever feed their little pup something that they couldn't pronounce. Unfortunately, most canine treats were highly processed, filled with chemicals and not grain free. What started off as a project for their own doggy turned into a big hit among their neighbors and friends. Soon they started making grain free puppy treats for more than just their friends. A short six months went by and their small project turned into a full fledged business.

One thing that's never changed is the ingredients of Good Doggy Treats. You can count on our Treats to be Free of Grains, healthy for puppies and easily digestable for any dog. Small dogs, medium dogs and even large dog love our treats. We never add chemicals or additives and we've been voted the Best Grain Free Dog Training Treats.

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Healthy Treats for Puppies & Dogs

On the search for the healthiest puppy treats you'll run into both overpriced organic treats that taste like cardboard to your dog or homemade dog treats that aren't as healthy as they seem. Good Doggy Treats met the need of dog lovers for a homemade healthy dog treat by combining safety and affordability. Our Grain Free Puppy Treats are an excellent choice for puppies and granddogs alike.

The Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Treats

Many dog owners prefer to give their dogs organic foods, and this includes all-natural dog treats. What your dog eats considerably contributes to his or her overall health and wellbeing. We all like to give our dogs treats because we love them and this is one way of bonding with them. However, you should be careful about the treats you feed your dog. There are several benefits associated with giving your dog grain-free or healthy dog treats. Here are some of them.

They Boost a Dog's Immune System

You should care about your dog’s immune system because I know you wouldn’t want your dog to be constantly sick. A great way of boosting your dog’s immune system is by giving him or her organic treats. These treats are full of powerful nutrients compared to other treats. Organic treats are also easy to digest which means that your dog will not have a problem accessing the nutrients. A dog’s body will have all the nutrients it needs to fight diseases and infections. You might even make fewer visits to the veterinarian because your dog will be fine.

They Improve a Dog's Digestive Health

Your dog’s digestive system will surely thank you if you feed your dog organic treats. This is because organic treats do not have artificial substances and chemicals like the rest of the dog treats. Research shows that dogs’ bodies cannot fully digest grains. Therefore, dogs digest grain-free food better. Your dog will digest organic treats without developing gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. Also, the treats have no or a minimum amount of bulk-filters. The result is that your dog will not have digestive problems and he or she will be full of energy.

They Improve a Dog's Skin

Dogs can get allergies or various skin conditions which can be uncomfortable. It is vital always to consult your veterinarian when your pet has a problem. The vet may prescribe medications to help get rid of the skin conditions. Dog owners sometimes get so frustrated and even resort to using some shampoos and creams to eliminate the skin irritations. The problem may still persist even after taking all these measures. The best thing to do is to get your dog organic treats. Research shows that organic treats help to relieve skin irritation. The fact that organic treats do not have chemical preservatives and additives means that your dog will not react badly to them. Food allergy and airborne allergy are responsible for most skin problems in dogs. Therefore, avoiding foods with chemicals will go a long way towards keeping your dog allergy free. What’s more? Organic treats are cheaper than all those creams, sprays and shampoos.

They Help Dogs Maintain a Healthy Weight

There are various ways in which organic treats help dogs to maintain a healthy weight. It is not only humans who get a lot of complications when they are overweight. Dogs have the same struggle too. A dog can have several conditions and illnesses such as arthritis if he or she is obese. That is why it is vital to help your dog maintain a healthy weight. You can do this by giving him or her organic treats. Dogs get their protein mainly from proteins. Dogs do not benefit from the proteins in their regular food because they pass out most of it as waste. Organic treats, on the other hand, have high levels of protein and this provides dogs with energy. This is why pregnant and lactating dogs should eat organic treats. The dogs will get essential nutrients and also the energy to give birth to puppies. When your dog has a lot of energy, he or she will tend to play and run around a lot. You will not have to worry about exercise, and the result will be a healthy weight. Majority of grains are high in carbohydrates. When a dog consumes too many carbs and does not exercise adequately, he or she will become overweight. Therefore, foods with grains increase your dog’s chances of gaining a lot of weight. Grain-free dog treats have plenty of nutrients which ensure that dogs feel full for a longer time compared to when they take their regular food. Thus, dogs eat less food which prevents them from being overweight.

They Give Dogs a Better Coat

Have you ever thought that there is a connection between organic treats and the dog’s coat? Well, research shows that dogs who take organic treats have better looking and healthier coats than those who don’t. A dog’s coat needs proper oils and nutrients be healthy and have a shiny look. Grains lack these essential oils. Grain free treats have a high level of protein, and when combined with omega-3 fatty acids in some treats, the result is a thick, shiny and healthy coat. The high protein levels also make a dog’s coat stronger and make it less susceptible to shedding and hence the thick coat.

They Give Dogs Good Breath

If you own a dog, then you know that sometimes these adorable creatures develop terrible breath. What you need to know is that a dog’s nutrition is connected to his or her dental health. If you want your dog to have fresh breath then you need then you need to feed him food and treats that improve his or her dental health. Grain-free treats will give your dog good breath because it doesn’t contain the chemicals that usually cause bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

Making a move from regular to organic treats might be the best thing you’ll ever do for your dog. It is a great idea to keep your veterinarian informed of the change before you being. This is especially essential if your dog has some conditions that make them sensitive to some foods. If you haven’t been giving your dog organic treats then you can start slowly. Initially, you can add it to their regular treats to give your dog’s digestive system time to get used to the organic treats. After a few weeks, you can do away with the regular treats and only give your dog organic treats.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Good Doggy Treats Safe for Puppies?

Good Doggy Treats are not only safe for puppies, but one of the preferred grain free puppy training treats used by dog trainers. Our treats are easily breakable and easy to digest for even the smallest pups. We're proud to be one of the heathiest puppy treats on the market! Often chemicals and additives are added increase a dog treat's shelf life which can harden the treat and create a choking hazard for small dogs. Our treats are not processed with any additives or chemicals. The treats we've formulated for our dogs are dehydrated instead. Keep in mind our furbaby Coco is about the size of most puppies.

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