Everyone wants the best for their dog. A balanced nutritional diet for your four-legged friend is a must if you’d like them to flourish and have a long healthy life beside you.

Many chicken dog treats go under the guise of ‘chicken jerky’ or other similar variations, but that does not automatically make them all-natural. Many are packed with grain or other substitutes that are allergen risks for dogs. If you are in the habit of reading food labels for yourself, try it out on your dog’s food to see if they are receiving natural dog treats that are grain-free.

As humans we may put additives in our dishes, but for a dog there are many flavorings that can unknowingly harm them. Natural chicken dog treats can cut the guesswork out of finding a treat your dog will love that is also healthy. There are unbelievable rewards in treating your dog to chicken treats. Natural snacks do not even need the flavor enhancement additives attempt.

Read through these amazing benefits of natural dog treats and you will never want anything else for your pet.



Weight Control

If you have a dog, chances are they seem as if they are constantly hungry. Some owners overfeed their pets, or may have a child that innocently does so, which can create weight problems.

Natural chicken dog treats contain high levels of protein that come from real quality chicken. Protein can help your dog receive the essential nutrients they need. If your pet were to develop weight issues, the most effective course of action is to only purchase dog treats with the highest quality of ingredients.

Instead of dogs gorging themselves on treats with low nutritional value, they can eat a smaller amount of organic snacks, yet still feel more nutritionally sustained.

Immune System Boost

The protein found in all-natural chicken dog treats can be vital to a dog’s immune system. When purchasing natural chicken treats, it is wise to look for ones that have specific meats in their descriptions. Do not settle for a packaging labeled with ‘meat and animal derivatives.’ While it is healthier than treats that contain grains, it is not up to par with completely natural chicken treats.

Free of Hormones

All natural dog treats are produced in a wholly different way than their less healthy counterparts. They are usually made with free range livestock that are not given large doses of hormones. Cheap dog treats with low-quality ingredients are made from animals loaded with repeated servings of hormones with the expectation of faster growth and higher profit.

Feeding your dog treats that contain all these nasty hormones affect them negatively as well. They are not just linked to various health problems, but they can even cause your pet build a resistance to antibiotics.

This can be avoided with not letting these harmful substances reach your pet. Natural chicken dog treats can aid in health improvement.

Improved Skin/Fur Health

If your dog is itching it is easy to assume it’s fleas, but that is not always the case. Dogs can have allergic reactions to additives in traditional dog treats that cause their skin to become dry and itchy. In fact, food allergies are one of the most common contributing factors to skin problems in dogs.

The proper nutrients are also essential in giving your dog’s coat that beautiful sheen. These nutrients cannot be found in grains. Protein is the key to giving your dog that shiny thick coat to make them look their best. An added benefit in a healthy coat is that there less shedding throughout your home.

Less Allergic Reactions

A dog’s and a human’s health are a lot more similar than you would think. Pets react to certain food adversely as well. Any dog lover knows that a stomach ache or bug in your pet can be worrisome. The discomfort experienced is almost always because of something they have consumed.

A dog’s belly is sensitive and, with the passing of time, has adapted to handle different foods than humans can. High quality ingredients ensure that allergic reactions are not as severe.

Easier Digestion

The more easily food can be digested, the less stomach issues your dog will have. Some treats have bi-products and additives to increase flavor and color which can prove dangerous for a dog’s belly. A smooth passing of dog treats through the digestive system can even lessen the strong smell of an animal’s waste.

How to Make Sure it is Organic

Organic dog food is not specifically defined by strict guidelines. It can be harder to find healthy chicken dog treats that are actually ‘organic.’ The Association of American Feed Control Officials outlines that the organic food and treats cannot be produced from animals that have been receiving antibiotics or hormones. They also enforce a free-range policy that requires all livestock owners to have to prove they are following these rules.

Use good judgement and simply examine the packaging. Ingredients will be listed and while most will contain animal products like chicken, the higher up the protein is on the list, the larger the proportion of healthy protein is.

Natural Chicken Dog Treats are the Perfect New Snack

Treats are used daily as rewards or incentives. Dogs quickly become accustomed to receiving them and they even grow to be an expectation. This is a contributing factor to dog weight gain. The unnoticed calorie intake and lack of nutritional value does not make your pet feel full.

No owner wants to deprive their dog of goodies. There does not have to be a restricted consumption if replaced with a healthier and heartier treat.

Stores carry many products and it may be hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Natural food markets are the most well-known places to purchase them, but they may come with a high price tag.

Good Doggy Treats offers premium all-natural chicken dog treats that are perfect for any size and any breed. They contain no grains, chemicals, or additives and are produced with your loving companion in mind.